HK $ 6 million to buy a Hello "tickets" Hong Kong elite schools' capital prove "insider speculation

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In the case of the Hong Kong international school places demand exceeds supply, which can increase the chance of their children to school, 'Capital proof', a valuable commodity in the secondary market. Harrow in Hong Kong of HK $ 3,000,000 on the market price of the Capital Securities, has been close to 6 million yuan fry , still in short supply there in 2006 to HK $ 450,000 to purchase ISF bond, and now offer HK $ 6.8 million, eight years doubled 15 times.

Hong Kong's special correspondent reports Lina

British Prime Minister called the cradle of Harrow School, to cultivate 'aristocratic elite,' said let the next generation into Harrow, not out of reach.

Fujian private entrepreneurs Chen (a pseudonym to see her friends have sent her children to study abroad, but also for his son's education began to plan. Son had focused on a local private primary school, Chen going to let him go abroad to university(

But considering his son just graduated from elementary school, still very young, the family does not worry too early to send their children to study abroad. After some investigation and study, Harrow International School Hong Kong ('the Harrow Hong Kong' became the best of Chen choice, either to let his son to accept orthodox Western elite education, and family at any time convenient to visit.

Harrow in the UK with over 400 years of history, has bred seven British prime minister, the king two British dignitaries and more than world-class, although not directly operated by the Hong Kong Harrow the British school, but the school official website, curriculum and teaching model used in Hong Kong Harrow Harrow standards are met, the British sent to school regularly inspected, and, very international school teachers, in addition to including Harrow campuses around the world or the British elite faculty, but also will employ some teachers from Hong Kong ESF schools.

At a friend's introduction, Chen found a Hong Kong consulting firm specialized studies Leung Wing-lok, the founder and a brief introduction to the case and his son's expectations after some discussions, advisers told him that the most important issue is to solve the son identity issues.

Step one: get a student visa immigration detour

According to the Hong Kong Department of Education regulations, students Harrow and other international schools can not admit the identity of the mainland, and Harrow 1500, approximately half of the total number of places to be reserved for local students the Hong Kong identity card.

Consultant told him that if you want to apply for investment immigration in Hong Kong, mainland China is the identity of a third country must have a green card in order to help his son in the shortest time to get a student visa status, Chen decided to first obtain a green card reinvestment third country migrants in Hong Kong 'curve' tactics.

In the introduction immigration agency consultants, Chen that Vanuatu is currently handling the fastest on the market, almost no any third country resettlement program requirements(Finance News Vanuatu permanent residency and plan for the Hong Kong Immigration Department was officially recognized in 2011 accepted apply for the Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES permanent resident status of third-country requirements.

The key is in the 24 hours after application you can get the identity of the country, you can receive all the material within a week. Chen family handle the cost of about $ 100,000.

After quickly get a green card in Vanuatu, Chen began non-stop Hong Kong Investment handle family immigration - the third country green card holders, invest at least HK $ 10 million Hong Kong Immigration Department recognized the types of stocks, funds, bonds and other financial products, investment period of at least seven years. entire cycle handled in 8-12 months, cost about $ 50,000.

After the family to obtain Hong Kong identity card, Chen's son can get a student visa (student visa, in line with the Hong Kong International School to enroll the minimum qualifications.

Of course, Hong Kong's tuition and accommodation Harrow absolutely 'aristocratic', the current total of Nursery schools (grades 1 to 2, Primary grades (3-8 and Secondary grades (9-13 curriculum, the tentative tuition HK $ 123,400 to the 12 and 13 grades lower grades ranging from HK $ 167,800. accommodation costs of new school year to HK $ 89,000 (5 nights per week and HK $ 109,700 (7 nights a week categories.

Harrow Tickets: HK $ 6,000,000 capital proved

Since Chen has missed time Harrow formal public admission of Hong Kong, and therefore to apply Chaban enroll his son, very difficult. So on the advice of the consultant's studies, Chen began to look for proof of Harrow Hong Kong's capital.

Hong Kong International School is almost no funding from any government, various types of capital to prove (Capital certificate and bond (debenture funds raised mainly used to support school construction, purchase of teaching facilities, similar to the national schools' sponsorship fee. 'But the difference is Capital proves usually transferred in the secondary market, either given priority admission, but also an excellent appreciation potential, can be described as double-edged sword.

'After get a student visa status, crucial step is to buy Hong Kong's capital Harrow proof because it means getting the most priority admission tickets.' Consultant told Chen.

According to previous media reports, has revealed that the total number of Harrow school bond issue not to exceed two percent of the total number of students that a maximum of 300. Bonds are divided into two categories, one is capital proved denomination of HK $ 3,000,000, the branch membership and individual membership in two, but these proved to the capital after the kids graduate, the school will not repurchase, parents can only be transferred in the secondary market, the other is a denomination of HK $ 600,000 personal bond, held for six years After graduating from the principal in full or returned to their parents.

According to Harrow Hong Kong website, denomination of HK $ 3,000,000 to the capital proved to be the first priority, almost confide admission, and has proved to the success of such capital enrolled students immediate siblings, you can enjoy the second category of priority admission. denomination of HK $ 600,000 personal bond as the third class priority admission.

And many other international schools in Hong Kong, as proof of the transfer of capital Harrow in Hong Kong did not open and transparent market, the main channel for direct purchase and intends to prove the transfer of capital held by the school, or by those in the hands of middlemen linked to a certain individuals or companies.

'Such transfers similar to the Hong Kong Jockey Club membership, we are not willing to openly discuss where you can buy membership, we need a relationship through some middlemen introduced in order to catch the circle of people, rules of the game We know very well. 'insider, who asked not to be named for the 21st Century Business Herald revealed.

Used prices soared 15 times for 8 years

A large number of foreign expatriates and upper middle class families in Hong Kong are doing everything possible to accept international school education for their children, which makes Hong Kong International School places the long-term existence of the gap, a study conducted by the Hong Kong Education Bureau in 2012 showed that by 2016, demand for international schools in Hong Kong primary school places will reach 29,281, an increase of 23% compared to 2011, the supply gap reached to 4203.

In case demand exceeds supply of school places, which can improve the opportunities for school children to school bonds in the secondary market is a valuable commodity .21 Century Business Herald reported that currently Harrow in Hong Kong of HK $ 3 million in capital market demonstrate that the price has been close to 600 fry million, and is still in short supply.

'Overall, we can consider an individual by name of the company or proof of purchase of such capital. Generally, the company held in the name of different executives can specify their children attend, but at the same time you can only specify one child, If an individual holds, you can specify only the holders of their children attend. 'to the informed sources.

Harrow school in Hong Kong in accordance with provisions of Capital Securities are freely transferable, the school will charge a nominal amount of time a transaction fee for the transfer and sharing of transferable Spread half of the profits. Therefore, in order to reduce transaction costs, usually some of the membership consultant will help both parties 'do low' transaction price.

A membership service consultants revealed that the current in the secondary market bond trading in Hong Kong ISF most active, currently on the market in 2006 to HK $ 450,000 to purchase, and now offer HK $ 6.8 million, eight years doubled 15 times, There is another seller of HK $ 850,000 to purchase, and now offer HK $ 7.2 million.

The consultant said, 'Father of Fiber Optics' Kao founded Cyberport ISF Academy, the first since 2002, the principal of the bond offering coupons, each of the first price of HK $ 150,000, HK $ 450,000 sale of the second batch, 2007 launch of the third installment of the price has soared to HK $ 850,000. Thereafter, the price all the way, jump on HK $ 1.3 million in 2008, a group of already issued in 2010 amounted to $ 3,000,000.

'At present, the highest price is called the secondary market is ISF and Harrow, but the ISF Academy because the school a long time, many students have graduated, put on the market sold slightly more than the number of bonds 比哈罗.' Preceding adviser.

Consultant told Chen, in addition to payment of approximately HK $ 6,000,000 purchase Harrow capital proved also to be paid to the agency about 1% of the cost, the entire process takes about a month or so. Additionally, many schools are prescribed, even if the student is not final able to enroll in school, proof of such bonds and capital have at least one year before the transfer.

The consultant also said that due to the alarming rate of appreciation in bond prices in recent years, a number of international schools began to regulate the secondary market. Currently, Heritage, Canadian International School, have been used to stop the transfer of public Prospective purchasers should make their own parents to contact the school, school to help parents pairing Apart from Harrow, ISF, can be traded in the secondary market bonds Hong Kong International School, also include Victoria Shanghai, Discovery Bay International School and so on.

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